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Mission Statement

We believe in personally knowing our clients and their financial needs. We are committed to serving our clients at every financial stage of their lives through our financial services. These stages may include accumulating and preserving wealth, establishing a retirement income plan, or planning an orderly transition of assets to heirs. We strive to ensure our clients fully understand the financial plan we formulate for them. Your financial plan is something you, or a family member, may be managing your entire life and we do our best to explain and be there throughout the process. Our clients will have our full effort, expertise, and attention. We believe that we are managing more than your money, we’re helping you shape your future.

Investment Philosophy

We believe that accomplishment of your life goals is best done by assembling a financial plan that fits your specific needs and personality. Executing that plan requires as much emphasis on managing risk as seeking return. While we believe that the cornerstones of investing involve patience and long-term commitment, we are committed to being vigilant in evaluating and weighing shifting economic and market conditions and making timely and necessary changes to your portfolio.

Your Rights As A Client

  • Courteous service
  • A trustworthy and competent financial advisor
  • Suitable recommendations
  • Timely transactions at the best available prices
  • Full disclosure of costs and risks
  • Clear communications
  • Comprehensive statements and trade confirmations
  • Prompt error and complaint resolution
  • Strict confidentiality
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